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Breakfast for the birds

I bought a lot of new food for all the birds in our garden. I did not know that they is so much to choose. Every group of birds has his own kind of food. Meanly the food are seeds but today I also bought food with nuts and cereals. I don't like the fact that those very large black and white striped birds eat almost all the food and they are very mean towards the other birds. So each time I see such a large bird I try to send that bird away. I know this is rather stupid ...


I just looked on Wikipedia what glucosamine exactly is. That is not so quit easy to explain but that is also not nessesary because I asked my neighbour and he could tell it me exactly. And he also wanted to send me a brochure about it. That is so kind of him. We really have a nice relationship with our neighbours. We are so lucky that it is the way it is. Before them them were living some horrible people. Really awfull. We never drunk one cup of coffee with them. That is totally different now. And I am so ...

The internet

20 Years ago we were promised to get interactive tv. We would be involved in questionnaires, with the push of a button we could choose or at least vote for topics to be discussed in talk shows and more of such things. And it looks like we're finally getting there. Not using the techniques that were foreseen at that time and of which they thought they would be the future, but using the internet and the social media sites. Even politicians use them and their comments are then discussed in talk shows. I love the internet!